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At-Home Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Device

At-Home Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Device

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Have you ever felt like your big toe is a battleground for nail fungus? You know, that stubborn stuff that just won't quit. It makes your nails look weird, and walking feels like a chore. 

Imagine this laser as a gentle device, softly slipping through your nail plate to delicately handle those pesky fungus cell walls. It's all about cozy warmth, raising the nail plate temperature to a soothing 43 to 51 degrees Celsius. Get rid of fungus, without any fuss or bother.

All you gotta do? Stick your toe in the zapper for just 7 minutes, two times a day, for three months. Easy peasy, right? Plus, it's as snug as your fave pair of socks and small enough to sneak into your bag for a vacation or wherever life takes you.

Snug as a bug, this gem fits over your toe like it's tailor-made, snug and comfy. And the best part? It's teeny-tiny and oh-so-portable! Slide it into your bag, take it on trips, or stash it away without a fuss. 

  • FUNGAL BUSTER TECHNOLOGY: Our laser precisely targets the nail plate, mechanically disrupting the stubborn fungal cell walls. This action elevates the nail temperature to a fungus-fighting 43-51 degrees Celsius, ensuring effective thermal damage to the fungus.
  • EFFORTLESS USAGE ROUTINE: Just stick your affected nail to the device for 7 minutes, twice daily. A consistent routine over 3 months is your ticket to clearer, healthier nails.
  • TOE-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Designed to fit comfortably over your toe, ensuring a snug, effective treatment with each use.
  • TRAVEL-READY COMPANION: Compact and portable, this device is your go-to solution for toenail fungus, no matter where you are.
  • NAIL CARE TIP: Keep your nails short for optimal health. Trim them straight across, shorter than the tip of your toes. Always sterilize your clippers with soap, water, and alcohol to prevent fungal spread.
  • UNIVERSAL SOLUTION: Ideal for everyone, especially those who can't take oral meds - like the elderly, children, and those with liver or kidney issues, or pain sensitivities. This device is a safe, pain-free alternative for all.


  • Package Dimensions: 3.66 x 2.56 x 1.61 inches 
  • Weights: 1.76 Ounces 
  • Item Form: Laser 
  • Specialty: Nail Fungus


  • 1 X Laser Device
  • 1 X Charging Wire
  • 1 X User Manual

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