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Golf Training Swing Detection Mat

Golf Training Swing Detection Mat

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A tool for golf training that provides immediate feedback on your swing.

A tool for golf training that provides immediate feedback on your swing.
With the use of this equipment, which is a sequin-based mat, you can analyse in great detail how your club head makes contact with the ground.

  • Analyze your divot to increase the uniformity of your swing.
  • Recognize your ball contact right away.
  • With or without a ball, practise in the comfort of your own home or backyard!
  • Spending money on range balls without real-time divot feedback is a waste.
  • Sequins don't fly off and are Extremely durable, lasting more than 5000 swings.


Mastering your divot will help you improve your golf swing.
You can learn everything about your swing from a divot. Having a quick visual of your divot aids in developing muscle memory for the ideal swing.



The Golf Training Swing Detection Mat may be quickly set up indoors or outdoors.
Avoid making unpleasant divots in your grass.
With accurate divot data, you can get more out of each range session.


Durability: A lightweight yet strong sole guards against tears from the heaviest swings. Also, we take great care to ensure that the sequins never fly off. If The PRO is unable to resist your toughest swing, we will refund your money.

Versatility: Use it anywhere; no velcro is required, and a stake is included for outdoor use. Moreover, a clip for your golf bag is included.

More clarity in the divot than the grass. Your divot is clearer and more accurate than nowhere else. This translates to more swing improvement.

Package Includes:

  • Golf Mat Board
  • Stake
  • Kit
  • Video 



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