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Leather Restoration Repairing Cream For Car Recoloring Kit

Leather Restoration Repairing Cream For Car Recoloring Kit

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Utilize this Leather Restoration Kit to extend the useful life of your worn-out leather goods. It comprises of a restoration cream, a spatula and sandpaper, and it may quickly repair any cracks, gaps, torn-apart, or faded leather surface.

Your used leather goods will seem fresh again thanks to the leather repair cream's tidy appearance, which also creates a protective layer to delay leather ageing. Once the cream has set in and strengthened and increased the durability of the items, it cannot be removed with water.

With this leather repair cream, you may cure your leather sofa, vehicle seats, wallet, purses or shoes and select from four different recoloring balms to bring back their original colour.


  • As Safe As It Can Be: This leather refurbishment cream is made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic ingredients that make it safe to leave the item's surface alone. After it dries, you may use your product as usual without worrying that it will have an adverse effect on your skin.
  • Mess-free and Simple to Use: First, use the sandpaper to level the leather's surface after applying the repair cream, and then wait a few minutes for it to dry. Then, using the spatula, apply the coloured balm over the polished surface. The process will be mess-free because you won't need to use your hands or a cloth.

  • No Foul Odors: Both while you are using it and after it has dried in, this leather restoration cream and recoloring balm doesn't produce any foul odours. When you use the cream to repair your leather goods, it doesn't release any toxic fumes either.

  • Saves Time and Money: You don't have to replace or discard the leather items that are ripped. You will save a lot of money using this cream instead of buying new goods in the past.
Suitable for Both Personal and Professional usage: The cream is good for both personal and professional usage and may be used at home for restoration projects as well as by professionals in garages and leather repair enterprises. Use this cream to transform your used, damaged leather items into brand-new, shining ones.

How to Use:

  • Before putting on the balm, clean the leather.
  • To achieve penetration, massage the Balm in a circular manner into the leather. This is sufficient to fully restore the colour.
  • Take a fresh cloth, and polish the leather's surface. Make sure the leather is free of any remaining balm residue.
  • The leather becomes completely colorfast after polishing.

Package Includes:

  • 1X  Complementary Color Paste



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